3 photos from the house. Started making a video today,but I don't know, I talk a lot of crap so I should probably just mute it. But, stay tuned!


The result of total boredome in photography class. 


Wrote this like, forever ago, in March, but here it finally is: 
(Firstly, I adore this picture.) Disa. The world’s sweetest. We met for the first time when I was 14, all alone in the confirmation group. I wouldn’t exactly say it was love at first sight, but I guess somewhere among those 6’000 people in Taizé a spark was lit in August 2008. We didn’t really start hanging out until we began in the same class, last year. I still remember how I was sat there at my new school, fingers crossed and holding my breath, wishing that they’d read Sjöberg after Runeby on the list of unknown names that were supposed to be our new classmates for the upcoming three years. And they did! And that was the beginning of a beeeauuutiful friendship.
(Well no, I don't think there really is a normal picture of the two of us..) Sara. I don’t think I have as much fun with anyone else, basically we kick ass together. But we do have quite a lot of fights as well. Last autumn I think a month or so passed by and we didn’t say a word to eachother. We accidently bumped into eachother in Stockholm of all places and all was forgotten. Although, she might just be the easiest person I know to be around (apart from when she’s drunk…)
Frida. In what feels like ancient times, we used to hang out all the time, to the extent that her mother said it felt like I was her fourth child. Then I don’t really know what happened, high school? Puberty? Will always hold a place in my heart for this girl though, how corny it may sound. Oh, and we're born on the same day, which is rather cool.
Filippa. I met Filippa for the first time when we had french together at the age of 12. Although we never shared as much as a word, I still remembered her ‘after all those years’ when we started the same class for gymnasium. I have no idea how or when we really became friends (maybe that day we got lost on Ersboda trying to find the Red Cross and myrorna) but I’m glad we did, she's really rather amazing. 
Elin. One time when the summer holidays were just about to start me and Elin had a huuuge fight about...err, about some characters in "Melrose Place", ending up with her walking home from my house (which is about 10km away from her own, it took her 4 hours haaa!) and then we were both just too proud to apologize so we didn't talk to eachother the whole summer. When the autumn term began we bounded again when Jessica had read "my supersecret journal" and we were reunited in our angryness. Sort of. She's great and I can't wait to crash in her apartement when I go back home.
Emelie & Ida. (OK, Elin takes up most of the space on this photo..) Anways, these are whom I consider to be "my grown-up friends", but I guess that's only true based on the fact that they are one year older. Other than that I'm not so sure what's so adult about them;) We've had a lot of great times through out the years though, like the road trip we did last summer and the year before that when we went to Stockholm, still I think we spend waaay too little time together considered the amount we should. 



Today is the birthday of my very best norweigan BFF. This Sunday I was suddenly struck with a weird feeling that something was missing; I hadn't seen Juni since Thursday(!!!). We are the living proof that opposits attract, we like all the different things. (I'm cool, she's a fool, I like good music, she likes Beyoncé, et cetera...) Although I never thought I'd say this the day when we first spoke and she told me she liked running I wasn't exactly thinking "Oh this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" (more like; oh hell no!)  but now I have no idea how I'll manage to stay mentally stable after she goes home on the 9th of June. Getting to the point, happy birthday, love you shitloads!!!


I basically just entered the kitchen about one hour ago and said "Oh, we watched an episode of the tutors yesterday" and before I know it I'm in the middle of a looong long lecture of Royalities around Europe in..well, ancient times. Was really difficult to keep my eyes open, especially after having a two hour yawning-competition-phonecall with my very best friend from the Dingnäset. Well good news: got about two and a half week of from school from this point, gert lushness. 



Today was an utterly crappy day, of various reasons like
- I took the wrong lunchbox and had to carry around food the whole day that wasn't even mine
- I got locked out of the house
- A banana got smashed inside my bag

Oh, also the weather was crap and I found out Juni will be leaving the country on the 9th (!!!!)